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The adorable and helpful couple Kostia & Julie’s priority will always be the well-being of their clients. And we can notice that as soon as we enter the hotel : they will greet you sympathetically and will always be caring. The Hotel Vercors La Prairie offers spacious rooms, with excellent bedding and flat screen TVs. Free Wifi is proposed in the hotel. Do you have any requests concerning the rooms or the services of our hotel ? Please contact us, we would be delighted to help you.

Le Secret du bonheur, ce n’est pas de faire ce que l’on aime, c’est d’aimer ce que l’on fait – J.M. Barrie
« We do our very best to meet your expectations and ensure an awesome stay» Kostia

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hotel La Prairie

The charming hotel La Prairie leaves no one indifferent ! Built on an old 19th-century farm, it was converted between the first and second world war as a boarding school for children suffering from asthma. The grandfather of this hotel created this boarding school, having discovered the wellness of the altitude for the youngsters suffering from this illness. The boarding school was then transformed into a hotel in the 80s. The hotel stands out due to its large restaurant as well as its various rooms, each different from one room to another.

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Hotel Vercors

hotel Vercors

Thanks to its terrific position in the Vercors, the Hotel Vercors La Prairie really stands out ! It only takes 45 minutes by car from Grenoble to get to our little paradise. It is really easy to access our hotel Vercors from Valence and Lyon. Many people coming from the south of France come here to flee the scorching heat and refresh themselves with the cool mountain breeze. More and more bikers come from all around France and take advantage of the motorbike shelter or the private parking lot. In addition to it’s easy accessibility, the hotel is located in an outstanding environment. Live a total escape from you every day life, and a breathtaking experience when you first set foot in our hotel. Various activities can be done : hiking, paragliding, swimming in our pool and many others ! Mountain Biking is a popular activity for the courageous ones. Renown tracks are available and will provide challenges for all cyclists. Our hotel guests will also be able to enjoy canyoneering or rafting and live incredible moments.
During winter, our guests assist the “Trophée Andros” and the “Festival Internatiional du Film de Montagne et Aventure”. But the most popular event is the renown “Foulée Blanche” of Autrans and Méaudre en Vercors. But wait ! There are also great events in the summer : cycling fans don’t miss the “Chrono du Vercors” and the “Grand Prix D’Andrevière”. Love classical music ? Come and see the “Festival Vercors”, you’ll love it.
Come and enjoy the food specialties of the Vercors. You will discover, thanks to Julie and Kostia, delicious dishes with regional dairy products such as the gratin de ravioles with Sassenage blue cheese or saint Marcelin. Tasty cold cuts are also waiting for you at the hotel La Prairie.

hotel Vercors

The Hotel Vercors La Prairie offers you a generous, traditional and familial cuisine, with local products. Guests take advantage of divers and various recipes. The cooks of our hotel are more than happy to cook up delicacies that will delight your taste buds, even the most demanding ones ! Meals are served in an authentically decorated spacious room. So come and relax during our meals ! But hold on, our services also enable you to have a custom-made meal if needed.

Hôtel Vercors

The owners didn’t just make sure to arrange every area in the hotel so you are comfortable. They also created pleasant spaces in the hotel for your well-being. Inside the hotel, guests will find a living area where a family atmosphere will appease you and make you live a wonderful vacation. During summertime, why note cool down in our hotel after having enjoyed the sun. And for wintertime? Come and take advantage of our fireplace. The outside commodities are as attractive as the inside of our hotel! come and relax around the pool with an outstanding, green environment. We are proud to let you know relaxation is omnipresent in our hotel. Guests will enjoy our sauna and our jet showers at the end of the day after having had a long sportive day.
The hotel La Prairie welcomes you from the 1st of January to the 31st of December in an exceptional setting. Accessible, convivial and comfortable: the hotel offers to its guests all the tranquility they are looking for, whatever is the reason of their stay.

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The Hotel answer the demands of an extremely broad audience. First of all, Julie and Kostia do their very best to have families live unforgettable vacations. During summer, residents of this hotel recharge their batteries thanks to the cool mountain breeze while taking advantage at the same time of the summer sun next to the pool. During winter, the families will enjoy relaxing moments by the fireplace and succulent meals shared in a convivial atmosphere. Families with young ones have a gaming room so everyone can divert themselves at the end of the day or when the weather is not at its best. Couples seeking for relaxing moments are also particularly taken care of! They will not resist long of the wellness of our sauna or the outstanding view of their balcony.